Friday, August 14, 2009

Runebergs cottage

The yellow house is Runeberg's cottage.
Johan Ludvig Runeberg (February 5, 1804 Pietarsaari - May 6, 1877, Porvoo) was a Finnish poet and Finland's national poet.


  1. Hei! Kittos for coming for visit my blog, and following along. You photographs are lovely. I especially like that rusted herring can!
    I lived in Rovaniemi for a little while a few years ago!

  2. By the way, the picture I use for my user pic was taken in Rovaniemi just past midnight during midsummer.

  3. Hello Kerstin, That cottage would be a nice surprise while walking that lovely path.

    The first part of your profile reminds me of myself. I Just discovered photography,look at the world in a new way,some successful photos others not,trying to get better etc. I even use a Canon EOS 500D.

    Nice to meet a like minded picture takers. :-)

  4. Hello Kerstin! I love your photos. thanks for commenting on my blog- my first visitor from Finland. We read a book by a Finnish author ('Out Stealing Horses') at the Virtual Book Club (see my side bar)- loved it. Have any of Runeberg's poems been translated?

  5. Just realise I got that totally wrong! Per Petterson is Norwegian- sorry!